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Kevin the Baker

San Diego, California

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"Kevin the Baker" specializes in delicious baked goods made daily with the freshest ingredients, and served with joy by local chef and entrepreneur Chef Kevin Flores.

Chef Kevin caters to businesses and lucky foodies who attend his special events! Click here to learn what people are saying!


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Word around town ...

“Kevin’s treats are delicious. My husband craves his chocolate covered pretzels! Great Chef, great gift ideas, great opportunity to support a local entrepreneur!” - Lucile Lynch

“Kevin the Baker’s sweet treats have been a mainstay of my family’s Covid diet. In all seriousness, the individually wrapped biscotti and brownies are a must have for your corporate or private functions or just for quick on the go snack.” - Amanda Saint Claire

“What a delight to have Kevin the Baker deliver his delicious brownies. They are individually wrapped and so yummy!!” - Anne Farley

“Kevin’s baked goods are not only beautifully packaged, but they taste fresh out of the oven!” - Pam Ingold

"It's exciting to see Kevin's many accomplishments in a career that matches his talents and interests! I have ordered Kevin's baked goods for several events. His cupcakes and truffles are beautiful and delicious!” - Sheryl Bobroff

“Kevin the Baker is living his dream. Passion meets purpose; make mine pistachio!” - Andrea Moriarty

“Unfortunately living on the other side of the country means I’m not able to experience Kevin the Baker’s products firsthand. But every time I see one of his baking videos I do two things—first is to ask when I’ll be able to buy his delicious looking desserts in Pennsylvania! Second is to try and figure out what music he’s got playing at top volume from his ever present record player. Such a joy to see, keep the videos coming Kevin the Baker and I’ll be waiting for when I can place out of state orders!” - Rob Keith

"It's a gift in itself to see the joy on Kevin's face as he proudly presents his fresh baked goods!" - Helen Mitchell

Seeing Kevin flourishing in his work and taking such pride in it fills my heart with so much joy! His passion for baking really shows!” - Eric Weinberg

"I can taste the love in every bite!" - Sasha Duran

"My taste buds do the electric slide whenever they indulge in a Kevin the Baker sweet treat ... it's electric!- Cassandra Lee Walker

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